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How to Start Blogging

How to Start Blogging


Blogging is not just done as a personal hobby anymore. Nowadays people create blogs to earn income through monetization while business owners use blogs as a way to promote their companies. Still others blog so they can raise awareness of issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender inequality in the workplace, world hunger or child abuse. No matter the reason for blogging, here are some steps you can take to start blogging.

Start with the Platform

Every blogger needs a great platform to work with, and there are several to choose from. WordPress offers paid and free blogging platform and it is popular for several reasons. WordPress is SEO friendly, highly responsive for mobile devices, has beautiful and customizable themes, and is extremely secure. But if you’re not interested in WordPress here are tips on choosing the right platform with another service. The best blogging platform would have plenty of neat plugins that make the blog better. The availability of customizable themes is also important in choosing a platform and the ability to advertise should be considered.

Customize Your Blog

Now that you chose your platform, it is time to customize the blog. Start by choosing the best theme. You want a theme that is tailored to the nature of the blog and that will be easy to update for the duration of the blog. Install the plugins you want for the blog and add relevant widgets to the blog. Create the About Me page as this gives readers more information about yourself.

Now for the Content

Your blog’s success largely depends on the content you write. Choose a niche topic that you’re passionate about and that would resonate with readers. Spend each day researching your next few blog posts so that you will already have what you need when you start writing. Another idea is to schedule your posts. Seek inspiration for posts from sources such as concerts you went to, special moments in your life, your favorite things to eat, and even hard times you experienced.

Picking the Best Domain Name

When you choose your domain name, you want to choose one that is related to the topic of your blog. The domain should also include the city you live in if you’re selling a service that is related to local residents. To avoid copyright issues, research your domain names to see if another person already uses it.

Monetizing Your Blog

Once you’ve had your blog for awhile and have consistently posted content on it, it is time to monetize it. One of the best ways to do this is to go into affiliate marketing. You would sign up with an affiliate company then place the ads on your blog. When users click on and make purchases of the featured products, you get a share of the profits. For more experienced bloggers, you can contact different companies and offer product reviews for a fee. Another idea is to write ebooks and sell them on your blog.

Hone Your Skills

The key to maintaining your blog is to improve your skills. You can do this by taking writing courses, learning about photography, reaching out to other bloggers through forums, and attending blogger conferences. Another idea would be to brainstorm for new ideas each week so that you’ll always have fresh content on your site.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Your blog won’t gain new readers in isolation. This is why you should promote your posts frequently. Share links of your newest posts on Facebook and Twitter but don’t stop there. Leave comments on others’ posts and links to your blog that relate to their topics. If you have a Youtube channel, leave a link to your blog so they can learn more about you.

Be Consistent with Your Blog

Readers want to see consistency with their favorite blogs and if you want to keep growing in popularity, this is essential. Most bloggers post one to three times a week but you should choose a schedule that works for you. For WordPress users, there is a feature within the dashboard where you can schedule your posts days ahead of time. Just go to the “Publish” section and click Edit. Once you do this you would enter the dates you want posts to go live. With these steps you will succeed as a blogger.